Problems Solved

Product Liability

When a number of small airplanes experienced engine crankshaft failure and crashed, engine-maker Lycoming blamed a small Texas company that made the crankshaft forgings, and the FAA agreed.

Trade Secret and Anti-trust Claims

Aerospace giants L-3 Communications Integrated Systems, and Lockheed Martin squared off in courts in Texas and Georgia over trade secret and anti-trust claims involving the military P-3 sub-chaser program.

Commercial Aviation Disaster

Rose Walker was retained on behalf of the manufacturer of a failed elevator jackscrew in the litigation arising from this commercial aircraft disaster.

Aviation Disaster - Risk Management

Rose Walker represented the aircraft owner and operator, Sun Jet Aviation, in product-liability litigation arising from the crash of a chartered Learjet carrying professional golfer Payne Stewart.

Catastrophic Truck Accident

When a wonderful teenage girl died in an interstate highway collision with an 18-wheeler, her family’s heartbreak was compounded by a flawed police investigation that blamed her for the accident.

Breach of Contract and Fraud

When Raytheon Integration Systems found itself responsible as the prime contractor for the Federal Aviation Administration, it turned to Rose Walker for a solution and got more than it asked for.

Wrongful Death Defense

Rose Walker defended Roberts Aircraft in this wrongful death case involving seismic helicopter operations in Bolivia. Our client had suffered through nine years of litigation before finally getting its day in court.

Wrongful Death Defense

Our attorneys defended Yellow Freight in a suit involving the death of a man allegedly struck by a Yellow Freight truck, traveling in a two-truck caravan, while walking on an interstate highway.

Breach of Contract Defense

In this case, an aircraft seller admittedly breached an agreement to sell an aircraft when he found that the buyer had not been forthright with him about the terms.

Personal Injury Defense

Yellow Freight was sued for more than $20 million over a collision between a tractor-trailer and the plaintiff, which resulted in the plaintiff suffering brain damage and an amputated limb.

Wrongful Death Defense

This litigation encompassed the trial of six wrongful death cases involving the most significant loss-of-inheritance claim known in the state of Texas.

Wrongful Death Defense

In this federal trial of an aviation wrongful death case, the family of a Conoco executive sought more than $30 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

High Profile Wrongful Death Defense

Rose Walker represented defendant Duncan Aircraft Sales in a high-profile wrongful death suit involving country music star Reba McEntire’s band leader, who perished on a flight during a concert tour.

Defense in Wrongful Death

In another case stemming from the plane crash that killed country music star Reba McEntire’s eight-member band, the husband of a backup singer filed suit against Duncan Aircraft Sales.

Plaintiff Wrongful Death

Three members of the Alexander family, including the pilot and family patriarch, died when their plane had a midair collision with a corporate aircraft over East Texas.

Wrongful Discharge

The plaintiff, a pilot for commuter airline Metro Express II, was an unruly employee. He also was the union organizer at a time when Metro was involved in a unionization battle.

Wrongful Death

Attorney Martin Rose represented the helicopter operator in this wrongful death case arising from an industrial accident at a tire plant in East Texas.

Product Liability Defense

The plaintiff in this case was a 41-year-old forestry industry executive who became a paraplegic when the helicopter in which he was riding crashed.

Product Liability Defense

This product-liability case involved two wrongful deaths resulting from a helicopter crash. Opposing plaintiff’s counsel was the legendary Joe Jamail, of Texaco v. Pennzoil fame.

Mass Aviation Disaster

When PSA’s Boeing 727 airliner crashed in downtown San Diego, killing all aboard, Rose Walker lawyers Martin Rose was among the legal team hired to represent the airline.