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Copyright law likely is the area of intellectual property law with which people are most familiar. At the very least, all of us see the familiar “©” symbol inside the pages of every book we pick up.

But for companies trying to protect intellectual property and who depend on customer recognition of their unique products, the vigorous defense of copyright-protected material can make the difference between surviving or going out of business.

The attorneys in the Dallas copyright practice at Rose Walker have decades of experience in prosecuting and defending numerous copyright infringement cases involving a broad range of subject matters – everything from computer software to the artistic designs found on pillow casings.

In all of our copyright cases, Rose Walker’s lawyers quickly identify key points and questions that will decide a copyright-infringement case. We then pour our efforts into building our client’s case, so we can explain it clearly and passionately in a court of law.

The lawyers in Rose Walker’s copyright law practice have tried cases in numerous federal venues across Texas and beyond. We understand the sense of urgency behind these cases, and how to use copyright law to protect those things that rightly belong to our clients.

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