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We recognize that even the shortest delays can make the difference between completing a construction project on schedule, and bringing it to a complete halt.

So whether a delay is caused by a catastrophic construction accident or a business dispute with financiers or subcontractors, the Dallas construction attorneys at Rose Walker are dedicated to helping our construction clients across Texas resolve these unexpected, complex commercial disputes as quickly and effectively as possible.

When litigation is necessary, we are determined advocates for our clients and not a law firm that is focused on the settlement path of least resistance. Led by an attorney who, as a former general contractor, has firsthand knowledge of the unique demands of the construction industry, our team rolls up its sleeves to gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying issues in every construction matter we handle.

This approach allows our attorneys to develop a litigation strategy tailored to our clients’ specific and individual needs.

To learn more about our experience in Construction law matters, we invite you to contact the firm here.