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Brain injuries can occur in any environment – in the workplace, in an automobile or aviation accident, in a slip-and-fall at a retail store, and many other places. Regardless of whether the victim lost consciousness, the injury can be serious, causing paralysis, neurological disorders, memory loss and other impairments.

The head injury lawyers at Dallas’ Rose Walker have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in courtrooms all over Texas. Because Rose Walker represents clients on both sides of the docket, we bring a unique perspective to our work: We always know what the other side is about to do and we prepare accordingly.

And when we take your case, we’ll prepare for trial – not settlement, not mediation, not arbitration. Trial. And our opponents know it. That’s why some of our brain injury clients have been referred to us by attorneys who’ve opposed us in court.

If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury, or if you are a defendant in a head injury lawsuit, contact Rose Walker for a consultation.