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Rose Walker’s appellate and trial support section provides experienced appellate advocacy and support in all stages of litigation.

Appellate practice is unique. It requires an in-depth understanding of substantive and procedural issues, preservation of error, and oral advocacy. Most importantly, it requires the discrete analytical and writing skills aimed at persuading appellate judges. Our appellate lawyers possess these unique skills, have national experience in the state and federal courts of appeals, and are active in the local and national appellate community. They offer the same level of experience as their colleagues at large firms, while offering an efficiency, cost-effectiveness and individual attention to clients that can only be achieved at a small firm.

Our appellate lawyers also have trial lawyers as clients. Because appellate lawyers and trial lawyers practice different crafts and excel in different areas of the practice of law, teaming appellate and trial lawyers throughout litigation—and before the appeal—provides clients the broadest scope of expertise and experience.

In addition to civil appeals after the entry of final judgment, our Appellate and Trial Support Section offers experience at all stages of litigation:

  • Analysis of claims, defenses and recoverable damages
  • Identification of legal trends and pending appeals that could impact the case
  • Protections of privileges in discovery and original proceedings on discovery orders
  • Mandamus proceedings and interlocutory appeals
  • Prosecution, defense and appeals of sanctions
  • Preparation of critical motions and briefs
  • Oral advocacy of critical motions and briefs
  • Removals and remands
  • Evidentiary motions
  • Trial monitoring, support and participation
  • Jury instructions
  • Post-trial motions

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