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There are certain fundamental truths that every plane crash attorney knows. First, aviation accidents happen.

Second, when they happen, everyone gets sued.

And we mean everyone including:

  • the original manufacturer of the aircraft (regardless of how long ago it was built)
  • the owner and operator, including the charter operator if one is involved
  • the people and company that performed the required maintenance

Lawsuits can even target air traffic controllers – we know because we’ve represented them.

All of these people and companies will need aviation lawyers and law firms that are familiar with aviation accidents and their investigation.

That’s why so many manufacturers, operators, maintenance people and others come to us. They know about our experience in dealing with airplane accidents. And they know about our approach to law – that we handle every case as if we intend to take it to court and fight it out.

Ultimately, whether we go to court or settle, they trust us to put their case in the best possible position, every time.

To learn more about our experience in airplane accident matters, we invite you to contact the firm here.