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Aerodynamics – the study of how air moves and how things such as airplanes and wings move through the air – is a primary component of just about every aviation case.

That means it is critically important for the attorneys working on such cases to have a fundamental understanding of aerodynamic concepts. They don’t have to be the experts, but they must be able to interpret what the experts say so that a jury can understand.

The lawyers who handle airplane cases at Rose Walker know how to do that.

We work closely with aerodynamicists – people who know and understand this science of the air – who specialize in fixed-wing aerodynamics and others who understand the special aerodynamic qualities of helicopters.

We understand how an airplane wing behaves and how a helicopter rotor, which is itself a wing, operates. And because we do, we often can ask the questions that will help move the case in a direction that other attorneys with less experience in this field might miss.

To learn more about our experience in faulty aerodynamic matters, we invite you to contact the firm here.