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The aftermath of an airplane accident is somewhat like a giant puzzle, with pieces of wreckage strewn across miles of land or water, and information or data related to the aircraft spread out over many previous years.

Fitting together the pieces of that puzzle is the job of accident reconstruction experts. They must understand how one part of an aircraft works with another, how one element of an investigation fits into another, and how the people involved interacted with each other.

Accident reconstruction specialists know how to rebuild the sequence of a flight, beginning with pre-flight preparations and takeoff, and moving through each event until the moment when things went wrong. They can zero in on the cause of a crash, which can make the difference between who is ultimately held responsible and who is cleared of responsibility – the airplane or engine manufacturer, or the charter operator.

At Rose Walker, we work with accident reconstruction experts and specialists who understand this very important discipline, so that we can best represent the aviation component manufacturers, insurance companies and others that turn to us for help.

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