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Plenty of lawyers and law firms say they have an aviation practice, but few bring the experience and approach you will find at Rose Walker.

We know aviation and airplanes inside and out, in part because we’ve been at the controls – Marty Rose is licensed to fly both fixed-wing airplanes and helicopters – but also because we have handled so many aviation cases over the years. We have represented manufacturers, charter companies, engine makers and others, and several of our lawyers continue to devote large portions of their practices to aviation and aerospace.

That experience means that, as aviation attorneys, there are few surprises. When an accident occurs, we know what is bound to happen:

  • how the investigation will proceed
  • whom the authorities will question and what they will focus on
  • how those involved are likely to react, including airplane owners, aviation manufacturers and their insurance companies

Based on that knowledge and experience, we can determine the best position for our clients to take.

What’s more, while courtroom expertise is a hallmark of our firm, the lawyers at Rose Walker go the extra mile by gaining hands-on knowledge of our cases. We often go to airplane accident scenes, personally walk through and sift the wreckage, and attend the inspections and tear-downs of vital components.

As attorneys who know these cases, we also know there simply is no substitute for being there.

To learn more about our experience in Aviation Law matters, we invite you to contact the firm here.