Small Firms, Big Wins

Small Firm Business – Several small firms started the year with big jury verdicts. Here we take a closer look at the work behind a few of the sizeable wins. Rose Walker verdict: $96 Million.

Lycoming Crankshaft Suit

As I write this, we’re barely six weeks into the new year but already the first colossally bad development of 2005 has bubbled to the surface: The Interstate Southwest LTD. lawsuit against Lycoming. In mid-February, interstate won this suit and was awarded a staggering $96.1 Million in damages.

Making The Brand

Small Firm Business – A little more than two years ago Lindsay Thompson surveyed the image of his two person Seattle law firm, Thonpson Gipe, and decided it looked, well, boring. He hired a public relations consultant who also happened to be a client and soon found himself immersed in long conference about how to run the practice.

Breaking Away

Dallas Business Journal – For many attorneys, working for a big legal firm is just a step on the way to running their own practice.

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