The Spirit of Change

Welcome to our new website In life and in business, you just can’t avoid change.  Or even try to avoid it.  In fact, in many ways, change is often the best thing. It’s with that kind of spirit that we Read More ...

Jury Awards Textron

Jury Orders Textron Unit to Pay $96 Million – A Texas Jury ordered Textron Inc.’s Lycoming unit to pay $96 Million in damages after finding that he company designed defective aircraft engines and defrauded a subcontractor to hide problems that resulted in spate of fatal small plane accidents years ago.

Small Town Trial Blues

When Suits take lawyers to small towns, it can – but needn’t – lead to big trouble.

Rose Walker Brochure

When you hire a law firm, you have a choice. You can go with a big firm and get the security of an established, well-known name. You’ll also get plenty of billable hours, associates in training and, if you’re lucky, someone who can find the courthouse.

Electronic Discovery

Three years after the Federal Rules, there have been many roundtable discussions about e-Discovery, but few have featured a panel consisting of law firm trial lawyers, an inhouse counsel and a district court judge. Texas Lawyer’s business department recently hosted an enlightening and educational roundtable discussion on the topic with just such a panel. The following transcript has been edited for length and style.

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