Bryan Rose in FOX 4 Story – Former Cop Weighs in on Officer For Not Helping Woman


In this story on FOX 4 (KFDW-TV), Dallas attorney and former police officer Bryan Rose discusses a matter involving a police officer who was reportedly flagged down to prevent an abduction, but who failed to stop to handle a report of a burglary in progress. FOX 4 reporter Shaun Rabb reported that Senior Cpl. Les Richardson remained on administrative leave as an investigation continued.

“I was surprised that an officer would stop and actually ask a woman ‘What's wrong?' but not investigate further,” Bryan Rose, a former Irving police officer, told FOX 4. “…That was the incredible part to me. None of us were there, but if you take a moment to stop and ask a citizen what they need, obviously, your attention's been drawn to that person. At that point, it's your duty as an officer to get out and find out what's going on to investigate further.”

Mr. Rose’s experience as a police officer taught him how to conduct investigations, how to talk to people and get the information he needs. He learned to think on his feet and make tough decisions in high-stress situations. Bryan Rose’s legal experience includes litigation of complex commercial litigation and high-risk cases, including: aircraft disasters and other aviation matters; products liability catastrophic personal injury accidents; commercial disputes involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud allegations; trust litigation involving breach of fiduciary duty and fraud allegations; trademark litigation; and general negligence.