The Spirit of Change

Welcome to our new website

In life and in business, you just can’t avoid change.  Or even try to avoid it.  In fact, in many ways, change is often the best thing.

It’s with that kind of spirit that we launch our new firm website.  We built this site because the world and the world of business are changing around us.  When that happens, you can either change too and move forward, or be left behind.  

And because it’s not in our nature to be anything other than leaders, well, here we are.  

We hope you like the new site.  We designed it with a goal of making it more user-friendly, with plenty of information about our various practice areas as well as all the basic contact information you may need.  

But more than anything, we wanted to convey a mindset, the spirit with which we approach our clients and the very important work we do for them.  Admittedly, we’re not what you might expect in a law firm.  We can be irreverent, but not disrespectful; funny, but very serious.  

Most of all, we’re dedicated to resolving legal problems for our clients in the best and quickest way possible.  Not running up their bills. Not deposing everyone around.  Not allowing a case to go on and on.

We’re Rose Walker.  Trial Lawyers for Business People.