We are trial lawyers, and we have built our firm on our ability to achieve incomparable results by never shying away from the courtroom. While it is true that these days, most lawyers never take cases to trial, our firm is the exception. Our hunger for the courtroom and our record of accomplishment there brings clients to us. In fact, we are often retained as substitute counsel to step in and try a case that was previously handled by another lawyer. Our experience in the courtroom gives us a considerable advantage over our adversaries - an advantage that is discernible from the moment you hire us.

We pride ourselves on taking a targeted approach to your lawsuit from the very beginning. What does this mean for you? It means that our written discovery is honed. It means that we’ll depose people, but certainly not everyone in the room. And it means that every piece of evidence that we gather and every brief that we write is all geared toward one end – getting our clients the results they want as expeditiously as possible.