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At Rose Walker, we’re not like other firms.  Since the day we opened our doors, we have focused our practice on just one thing – trying lawsuits.

Then one day, we made a startling discovery:  our skill in the courtroom provided us with sharp insights into our clients’ business transactions.

Resolving business disputes enables us to better advise our clients on the steps necessary on the front end in order to avoid disaster on the back end. We now bring that sharp focus into our transactional practice.

We don’t practice cookie-cutter law, and our approach to your case or your business deal will reflect that.  We represent Fortune 500 companies, closely held businesses and individuals.  We thrive on variety and creativity, and our experience on both sides of the bar allows us to anticipate our opponents’ moves: whether those moves are in the courtroom or boardroom.

We have learned to seek the essence of our client’s situation; distill it for clarity and ask this question: “What is a win for you?” From this point forward, every move that we make is geared toward achieving that end as quickly and efficiently as possible. What does this mean? It means targeted effort without wasted motion. It means simple and straightforward transaction documents. And, in your lawsuit, it means that every piece of evidence that we gather and every brief that we write is all geared toward one end – getting you a “win,” whether it is in the boardroom, the courtroom or the halls of the highest court in the land.